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In order to ensure that your submission will be reviewed please use the following instructions as a guideline. WE WILL NOT REVIEW INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS!


  • Step One: Fill Out The Form: Under [Message] in the form below, we need you to provide us your gender, height, weight, hair color, eye color, waist size, shoe size, and for female models bust and hips size.

  • Step Two: Photo Submission: Under [Website] in the form below, please include the link to your online portfolio whether it is a website or social media site that contains your photos. We expect to see a couple of photos that will at least show your face, a full body view, and a body profile view.

  • Step Three: Submit Form: Click [SUBMIT] button at the bottom of the form.

  • If you prefer to E-Mail the photos please submit all of your information as requested in Step One Above, and then send your information and photos together to,


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Aside from Websites, Online Portfolios, & Public Social media links with photos are acceptable.